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klauswulfenbach's Journal

Baronial Notations
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19th century oregon, adventure, adventuring, airships, al andalus, antiquity, antiquity township, armada breakaway, babbage palisade, brain surgery, brains, caledon, cavorite, child-rearing under difficult circumstances, confederation of democratic sims, diplomacy, duchy of darkmere, gaslamp fantasy, heterodyne boys, independent state of caledon, kittiwick town, kittiwickshire, mad science, neufreistadt, new babbage, new toulouse, new toulouse algiers, peace, primcess, science, selenites, skifander, steelhead boomtown, steelhead city, steelhead harborside, steelhead shanghai, steeltopia, steeltopian empire, teslace, the spark, united kingdom of antiquity, winterfell, winterfell absinthe