Baronial Notations (klauswulfenbach) wrote,
Baronial Notations

On the occasion of my birthday, I have been given poetry.

Bookworm Hienrichs finishes lubricating her throat with tea, and sets the cup down.
She takes a breath, then grins mischeviously and begins to sing.

Efficient machines and well-oiled turbines
Bright copper boilers and warm steamy engines
Sparks that will create new kinds of bushings
These are a few of his favorite things
Green-colored Jaegers and militant ethos
Sprockets and lockets and order from chaos
Airships that fly without recourse to wings
These are a few of his favorite things
Mathematical problems to solve for unknowns
Oil stains that stay on his nose and high cheekbones
Gigantic clanks made of cogs and springs
These are a few of his favorite things
When the lab blows
Slaver Wasp stings
When he's feeling bad
He'll simply remember his favorite things
And then he won't feel so mad

Stereo Nacht: A little ode I simply called "To Our Beloved Dictator"

Tyrant of all [note: in the original sense, of course.]
A power wall
You seek brawl?
Watch your fall!

His armies walk
Beware the shock
Don't you mock

He rules this land
With iron hand
Ruthless, stand
Ever grand.

He's our guide
Obey with pride
As we stride
By his side

Duty we serve
As he deserves
It preserves
His good nerves

Beware his wrath
Though, clear his path!
Or blood bath
Is the math...

So keep the peace!
(Or waffle piece -
His caprice! -
Risks decrease.)


Eugenia Burton: Happy Birthday, Dear Baron

Don't pinch your nose or say 'Red Fire!'
This message isn't all *that* dire!
Though I may be a little cloud,
I came here to join with the crowd
In wishing you the best of days
With a little, rhyming praise.

Most births, they bring a family joy
And you were such a sturdy boy
That I am sure they felt delight
When you first came into sight
Such happiness was in the house
When they welcomed little Klaus!

That sentiment is echoed here
Within the hearts who hold you dear.
We are here in celebration
Of your parents procreation!
We'll lift a glass in merry honor
Before your old self is a GONER!

Annechen Lowey: I did find something from the Romanian poet, Nicolae Sirius.


What was yesterday like?
Ah, yesterday was yesterday.
I remember the order of stars:
Three were alike, three were alone
One was fostering a bigger star
With a wing flapping over the sea
Distended from another ocean.
It had no knowledge
That another star was spinning
Like a mill-wheel.
But it was beautiful, even when shrouded
In dreams. For other stars
Kept flailing at it in anguish.

What was yesterday, then?
Yesterday was yesterday, and I saw the master's
Hand; it was like the Ark
With room in it for everything.
My bones shivered
And I was crying near the ageing tenements
Where ladies with skirts of summer
Tossed over wintry thighs
Were rocking deaf, bushy cats;
And chaining the hounds
Bouncing from moment to moment
Towards their snouts.
With silken tones caressing the oxen
Horns, so they wouldn't topple the earth.
Yesterday; yes, that was yesterday.

And again, from Fraulein Kapitänin Nacht:

About the Brain

More dangerous than pure uranium
The brain is shielded in the cranium
And three meninges: the dura mater
The arachnoid and the pia mater.

Thirty billion neurons in the cortex
Powers the endless idea vortex
Through its trillion synaptic connections
Propagating through as many axons.

In two hemispheres, they neatly divide
Of the body control the other side...
Then split in four lobes: the occipital,
Frontal, parietal, occipital.

A fabric of cells, many times folded
In gyri and sulci, as clay molded
On the outer side lays the grey matter
Inside, white matter helps the brain chatter

One has to marvel: its plasticity
Helps recover from incapacity
So neural damage is not forever
(As long as it is not all too sever.)

And let’s not forget neurotransmitters
Their action within makes the brain glitters
Through synaptic cleft, excitatory
Or – as you can guess – inhibitory.

GABA and glycine prevent transmission
Over brain, spinal cord, it’s their mission;
While glutamate has opposite action
Synapses adjust as a reaction

Dopamine: motor control, cognition
Noradrenaline: deep excitation
Serotonin: for sleep and satiety
Cholinergic: for learning, memory

Yes, we know a lot about the brain’s work
How it makes us sane – perhaps with a quirk
From all this knowledge remains a question:
Where in there the spark finds its expression?

Tausend dank, damen. I am delighted in your presents and your presence.

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