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This is the very attitude of a Spark

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One cannot blame a boy for being drawn in by the fascination of Science. However, careless procedure and self-exposure without precautions is sloppy methodology.

The facts are this: Herr Loki, one of the Steelhead scamps, performed a experiment on a sample of unknown (at this time) provenance. He not only infected himself, but apparently became a carrier with a dispersal method similar to influenza. Mindy, another Steelhead child, has become obviously infected, and fainted twice during Steelhead's town meeting. Herren Doktors Sonnerstein and Mason were able to attend to her as well as I; given their... special backgrounds, I suspected they may be better suited to treat this than I.

The patient presents in a manner suspiciously similar to that of a 'zombie', to use the New World term. One of the physical characteristics is a black ooze generated internally and expelled, or by separation of body parts (skin, for example) which promptly liquefy. However, the heartbeat and breathing never cease, nor is the patient's mentality apparently affected more than any minor illness might cause. Herr Loki did seem compelled to eat a wooden cot at one point, as an aside. Mindy has a persistent, intermittent cough. Both children are extremely pale; Loki almost appears decayed, and has lost the hair on his head. His eyes have changed appearance. Neither seem to be in pain, merely a little uncomfortable.

Dr Mason treated Mindy with one of his resurrectionist formulas, which had no apparent effects at all. He then produced a staff with a large golden crystal 'spearhead', and attempted to stabilise her using magic. If this were not done in Steelhead, I would dismiss it immediately as unscientific claptrap -- but I cannot dismiss treatments so readily on the grid which would never work here at home. Results were, unfortunately, not immediate; she was sent home to familiar settings to sleep. Dr Sonnerstein was able to test both Herr Lunar and me for any affliction, but he found nothing at this time. The great variety of races may work for us, giving portions of population with natural resistance, but can also work against us, as treatment for, say, a djinni, might not work for a werewolf, elf or mortal human.

The Consulate basement has been set up as an isolated and sterilisable laboratory for we three, and any others who may be able to contribute, to work on a solution to this infection. I have requested Herr Manager Lunar seal Steelhead's borders. I have heard that New Babbage has its own similar problems at the moment, and if this is as infectious as Mindy's illness suggests it might be, the thought of it reaching Caledon or Winterfell horrifies me. It will undoubtedly have unfortunate impact on the annual Harvest Festival, but that cannot be helped unless we produce a quick solution.

Note for later: If Darien's treatment works at all, see if New Toulouse might produce a medico-thaumaturgic collaborator to increase the speed and range of a remedy or at least a resistance.
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